5 Best Cricket Games for Android – Free Download

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Cricket is one of the most popular games as of the current time. Well, in this busy corporate world, people do love to watch or love to play this game but their tight schedule wont allow them to do so. When there is a problem, there’s always a solution. Like, nowadays everyone has a smartphone running on an Android OS. For those who love to play cricket but they don’t have much enough time to play, here we have enlisted the best cricket games for free. You can play your own cricket within your smartphone. Take a look!

Cricket games fro Android

5 Best Cricket Games for Android- Free Download :

1. Cricket T20 Fever 3D : 

This game is there which gives you a full HD and 3D experience over to your Android device. There comes many options to play your own game. Options are like T20 match, tournaments, ODIs, exciting Powerplay style match and much more. It provides a simple play control and many other features with total eight world class cricket team  s. You can share your score on different social networking sites like Facebook and twitter in this game.

2. Cricket WorldCup Fever :

This game will give you a chance to play your own cricket game with your favorite team. There are total four various exciting module to play your game. Like world cup, power play, quick match, pass-n-play models are there to play. You need to select your own module and you are allowed to play the game. 14 teams, 6 stadiums & 3 difficulty modes all customizable to your choice with ball by ball over analyse.

3. Free Hit Cricket :

This game is there with a unique feature of touch and drag a batsman. You can control the bats man just by clicking and dragging. You can drag it to anywhere you want to. This game comes along with levels. You need to finish a score level and you’ll have another challenge in front of you.

4. Street Cricket :

This game is also known as Gully cricket. It gives you a full essence of your childhood with dust, the rough play and all the other things that we had done in out childhood. You can make a single run by running to the wicket, if you hit over the building you get two more runs, if you hit the wall you get one extra run and all the other features with this game. It’s worth a play game.

5. World Cricket Championship Lt. :

This game is packed with three different tournaments. World Cricket Championship (WCC) and World Premiere League (WPL) and the Fantasy Cricket League (FCL). You can have a bunch of features with this app. Like quick play, create your own team, you can choose time between games, you can play a five over game. This game has a better UI. It’s easy to play with more fun, grab it now and play it well.


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