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May 25, 20130 Comments

Fast & Furious 6 game is officially launched for Android users. It is based on the latest action movie, Fast & Furious 6. Many of the people have been waiting for this game to come and it’s finally here in the court. You can own this app directly from the Google Play Store for free. Yes, this amazing new racing game is available to load on your device for free. However, there are many users who can’t be installed this game easily from the Play Store, because of some connection problem or some bug problem. For that, here we would be giving you a direct APK download link. Take a look! 

Fast & Furious 6

This game is made for all the racing freaks. As based on the movie theme, you need to make a race and win respect alongside cash. Yes, this is the simple theme to play this game, race and win. Moreover, this game will take this racing genre to a whole new level with its numerous features and other things.

Talking about its UI, it allows a decent UI for all the users. So there is no need to require any special skills to play this game. It serves an eye catchy graphics throughout the battle with deadliest background sound. It gives you a real racing experience within your Android device.

Apart from this, you can pick your favorite car to play up the game. All you have to do is just go to the settings options and choose cars option. There is a fully customized categories from which you can easily change the color and other things of your picked car. Here, we have some snapshots of this newly released game, Fast & Furious 6 :

F&F 1






Features of Fast & Furious 6 :

  • Totally new graphical interface and user interface
  • Users can play this game on a different level
  • Select your favorite car from the list starting from Vintage cars to the latest ones
  • New lighting roads throughout the battle
  • Deadliest and awesome background music while playing the game
  • Earn big cash and unlock new tier upgrades in heists with the Fast & Furious 6 crew

As I said earlier this game is available for free to install on your device from Google Play store. However, many of the users can’t get it straight, for that, here’s an APK of this game. Download and install it right away and start racing.

Download Fast & Furious 6 Android Game APK :



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