Top 15 Best Android Launchers 2013 – Free Download

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Android Launchers are there to customize homescreen of that particular device with user’s favorite apps and games. Launchers make everything easy to user to use his routine apps and more than that with a new look and all new interface. Today we are going to give you a list of the best Android Launchers which are drastically been doing just great on their users’ devices. Everyone would like this list and I’m pretty much sure about that. Before talking further, let’s crack the list right away.

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Top 15 Best Android Launchers 2013


1. Apex Launcher :

Apex Launcher is quite a poplar Android launcher app which is compatible for Android 4.0.3+ devices. If you’re smartphone running on the above mentioned OS, you can simply install this launcher on your device and it gives you a ton of functionality with its amazing more than 9 different homescreens. Added that, this app has just pushed away its newer version named as Apex Launcher 2.0 and we already posted the article to download Apex Launcher 2.0 APK for free, just for your better comfort side. You can download the old one or you can install this newer APK of its advanced version.


2. Nova Launcher :

Nova Launcher gives you a full 3D experience over your Android smartphone. You can enjoy its amazing functionality and numerous features along with a smoother user interface. This launcher is available in a trial version which is of no cost and a paid version. You can try a free version and if you’re satisfied with it, you can go for the paid one.


3. Go Launcher EX :

This Android launcher carries a bunch of customization options to its Android devices. This is quite a popular launcher and people do love the way how it’s working on the device. It allows you to download more than 100 different themes to try on your device and more than this.


4. SPB Shelll 3D :

SPB Shell 3D is one of the oldest launchers any smartphone platforms have. It gives you a full 3D experience with a better graphical interface on your homescreen. You can use this launcher at a single swype on your screen. It scrolls up and down and turn round at your finger tip. It’s amazing!


5. ADW Launcher :

This launcher gives you a bunch of new features and a new advanced customizable options. You can hide apps, place them anywhere you want and many other options are there to give you a faster interface to your favorite apps.


6. Holo Launcher :

This launcher is compatible for older versions of Android devices like Gingerbread and all the other. If you have owned an Android device which runs on Gingerbread or any other older version, you are allowed to make changes on your device’s screen with this Holo Launcher.


7.Hax Launcher :

This Launcher is there with many amazing new graphical interface. It gives you a full 3D and amazing live panel apps feature to show you some kind of live apps within this. You are allowed to separate many things on your homescreen. You can place your favorite apps and other things on various faces to use them in a quicker way.


8. Next Launcher 3D :

Of course it’s a 3D launcher and gives you a better look of your homescreen. You can do many things along with this launcher like  Multi select app, 3D widget and themes, Rotatable dock, Customizing home screen and many other.


9. Launcher 7 :

Launcher 7 gives you a full Windows 7 experience through your Android device with a fully customizable home screen. This is not just enough, you can do many other changes along with its numerous features. Tile with configurable colors, Almost like the real tile animation and re-arrange mode, Webpage tiles, Picture hub, Filterable application tab and a lots of other.


10. Smart Launcher :

This launcher is made for smart people. It’s a new launcher with a new customizable option. If you’re not quite familiar to such launchers things, you better not to look forward for this. It gives you a different UI than all the other launchers. You might get stuck with its UI. Clean and clear graphics and 3D experience this launcher serves.


11. Tile Launcher Beta :

The best tile launcher available in Android platform is Tile Launcher Beta which holds many amazing features alongside its simple UI.  You can customize the tile, Lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes, Select your home screen resolution, Configure your scrolling speed, direction and over scroll effect and a lot of other hidden features are here. Make a use of this amazing launcher right away.


12. Bazooka Launcher :

This launcher supports various themes with a changeable lock screen mode. You can fully customized your homescreen, with many changes. It carries a hundred of eye catchy features like, Uses Stock android look and feel coupled with themes, Easy to use drag and drop shortcuts from your all apps into your workspace, control music player though your lock screen and many more.


13. EZ Launcher :

A cool and awesome screen replacement of your Android device is here with its beta version. EZ Launcher gives you genius app list which brings you the app you most want, auto category can help you automatically categorize your apps, Pre-loaded app manager tool with all task manager, uninstaller, app2sd and etc functions in one place and with this you are allowed to search any apps you want to come down on your homescreen.


14. Action Launcher :

Action Launcher gives you a quick action to your apps your uses over to them. You can separate all your favorite and daily apps on your homescreen. With this, you can swipe for different pages and there you can put the rest of your apps. A sliding quick drawer, cover shutters, quick search and many other options kept here.


15. Unity Launcher :

This is a very basic launcher which holds all your basic needs at a place. It features Applications from any where Just swipe Edges, just select and pin apps to your homescreen, make a different shaped icons of your apps though your finger tip and many other simple yet adorable features are here.

These were the best and highly on demand Android launchers. You can choose an appropriate one for your device and enjoy a whole new customized home screen within it.


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